Sling Shot Bottoms

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The slingshot thong bottom - now in any of our fabrics.   You choose the fabric and the trim.   They do stretch!
The patch is roughly the size of a thong roughly 3" at the top of the triangle.   We can do larger - just order and comment in the notes.
For sizing, 
S is 32" from top of patch to top of butt  
M is 38" from top of the patch to top of butt 
L is 42" from top of the patch to top of the butt
On average, you want them to stretch to stay in place.... these will stretch a GOOD 8-12 inches...I wouldn't do the 12" stretch....definitely butt floss!
We can provide traditional side bottom side straps if you'd like - you can see on the green bottoms in the photos.   Just add a comment when you order.
Top isn't included.

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