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Pear Bikini Top

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Trim is fabric around the main fabric of the bikini piece
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Tie are the pieces that connect the bikini to you (bra strap, neck ties, bottom ties)
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An alternative to the triangle bikini, the pear shape is typically found when the triangle bottom is squeezed together.   This squeeze creates a large number of 'wrinkles' in the triangle giving the pear shape but also hiding some of your unique assets - especially if you wear nipple jewelry.   Most is 36G and wearing S in most of the pictures.   The red/black is a M.  
Our pear shapes bikini is designed to give a unique look but lay flat on the breast.    
The images will show the most popular sizes in a variety of patterns.
XXS - 2x3 
XS - 3x3
S - 4x4.5
M - 5x6
L - 6x6
XL - 7x7
XXL - 8x8

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